Library Development · 63
“The library is included on the general mailer that goes out every spring.”
“Only annual fund and ‘other’ are listed donors may write in their designation of choice.”
“There is no general institution direct mail appeal.”
“We have been trying for this for years, but the university wants unrestricted monies as much as possible.”
“We hope this will change this year.”
“Working toward this.”
29. Is the library included on the general institution giving Web site as a possible gift designation?
Yes 68 90%
No 4 5%
The institution does not provide online giving opportunities 4 5%
30. Is the library included as a possible gift designation during phonathon solicitations? N=77
Occasionally 49 64%
Always 22 29%
Never 6 7%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Donor must indicate interest in making any specific gift.”
“I believe our alumni association includes the library in their phonathon solicitations.”
“If the donor has given to the library in the past they MAY be asked to give again, we have no oversight of
“If they no not give to their college/unit the library is usually the second choice.”
“Includes Parents of Students campaign.”
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