70 · SPEC Kit 297
Development Office. We are not yet sure what the new division of responsibilities will be. This is complicated
by the retirement of our current library director and the September arrival of a new director. I have provided
the best answers I can under these circumstances.”
“Please note that in response to question 32, the Foundation pays $35,000 annually to support development
activities in the libraries. The library does not provide any additional budgetary funds for development. The
$35,000 must cover everything including travel, postage, the calling programs, etc.”
“The university library is presently in an announced campaign with a goal of $30M. Presently we have
raised approximately $21M. We have forged excellent partnerships for this campaign with the Office of the
Chancellor, the Foundation and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.”
“This survey does not begin to reflect [our] library development operation because of multiple dotted-line
reporting and working relationships, the number of faculties (like Business and Law) where library fund raising
is the responsibility of the individual DODs, the complex arrangement of the university library.”
“To establish a formal program, we are currently recruiting for an External Relations and Development Officer.
This position will report to the university librarian and has three primary areas of responsibility: 1) cultivating
the library’s relationships with donors, prospects, Friends of the Library, and others 2) coordinating library
efforts to obtain grants and other philanthropic support for critical needs and 3) developing a comprehensive
public relations program for the library.”
“[The university] is an extremely centralized operation. While schools and colleges have external relations
staffs, there are no development officers employed by the university. The Foundation handles everything,
though the library does have staff helping the Friends organization.”
“We coordinate all activities, events, prospects, mailings, visits, and solicitations with Central Development.”
“We do have a Development Committee that is comprised of the Development officer, Directors of Law, Health
Sciences, Special Collections, and Poetry Curator. The committee helps with directions, programs, public events,
stewardship of prospects/donors.”
“We don’t have a formal library development unit within the library. Fundraising is managed at the university
level by the foundation. Donors can then choose to give to the library development funds (and indeed it is one
of the most popular funds on campus).”
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