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14. What position did the current chief LDO hold before taking this position? N=78
Another fundraising position at the institution, but not within the library 26 33%
Another fundraising position not in higher education or libraries 16 21%
A position in another higher education development program 6 8%
A non-fundraising-related position within the library 6 8%
A similar position in another library development program 4 5%
A different position within this library development program 4 5%
Other 16 21%
Please describe other previous position.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Corporate hospitality sales.”
“Lawyer with involvement in fundraising at the firm. Developed United Way program for firm.”
“Corporate philanthropy.”
“Senior consultant with national campaign management firm.”
“Major gifts officer overseeing two-year special project connected to 1M$+ library capital campaign.”
“Business owner.”
“Non-fundraising position in another library organization.”
“This was a career change. I was a tax consultant with lots of prospect cultivation experience.”
“Social worker.”
“Vice President for Development (art, history &children’s museum).”
“Immediately prior: practice of law before that, development at another higher education development
“Executive director of local chapter of the American Red Cross—included fund raising.”
“Director of Special Events at university.”
“Museum curator.”
“Corporate librarian.”
“Government publications specialist/reference.”
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