Library Development · 19
3. Is there an institutional limit on the number of managed prospects the library is assigned?
Yes 8 10%
No 71 90%
If yes, please supply the limit number.
Number of Prospects N
100 1
150 2
190 1
200 2
300 1
Selected Comments from Respondents
“100: It’s a soft limit.”
“150: It is the same for all units.”
“200: Varies at times.”
“200: We are now looking at a smaller prospect list around 100 people.”
“300: Whereas we can go after as many prospects as we can find, we each are ‘principal’ on 100. That
includes the DOD, the Associate DOD and the Development Assistant. Being principal means managing the
relationship the prospect has with the university.”
No limit
“Donor has to demonstrate, through consistent giving to libraries, before donors are accepted. If donor has a
split gift history, they are not assigned to the libraries.”
“However, 150 is the preferred maximum.”
“I don’t know if there’s a limit, honestly. I’d love to have the opportunity to bump up against it and find out.”
“Institutional prospects, private foundations, and corporations require clearance from the University
“Libraries may not solicit alumni unless alumni have a history of giving to libraries. Most gifts are initiated by
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