104 · SPEC Kit 297
University of Manitoba
1. What decisions/actions does the incumbent make/take on own initiative? Give examples.
-Works independently to develop, plan and implement fundraising initiatives determine prospective donors approach
agencies and foundations. Receives oversight from Director of Development as required.
2. What decisions/actions does incumbent share with others? Give examples.
-Incumbent is responsible for achieving the annual plan and meets with the Director of Libraries and the Director of
Development on a regular basis to monitor progress, at which time adjustments are agreed upon.
3. What decisions/actions does the incumbent refer to others? Give examples.
-Donations from planned giving commitments that require special institutional approval or anything that may have
financial implications for the Department of Development or the University.
In describing working conditions, assume a reasonable match between the incumbent and this position and address the question: How would most people
describe these conditions?
1. Physical Effort
Provide examples of following types of physical effort, showing how much, how long, how often.
Lifting material:
Stretching, pulling, pushing:
Moving material:
Climbing, walking:
Working in awkward positions or circumstances:
Sitting or standing:
Manual dexterity:
2. Physical Environment
Office air tends to be stale.
3. Sensory Attention
Analysis of fund-raising statistics requires a considerable amount of concentration. Daily, but for short periods of
time. Annually on a more in-depth basis. Strong attention and listening skills when meeting with prospects.
4. Mental Stress
Irregular work hours weekly
Pressure of reaching fund-raising goals -continuous
Working with volunteers is demanding
Techniques and preparation of written resource material requires constant creativity -continuous
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