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the Office of Collections with a copy of acknowledgements, as this
Office works closely with the Development Office on gifts. The AUL
for Collections will notify the Director of Development and Public
Affairs of materials accepted through his/her office.
The Deed of Gift is a document that conveys the gift material to the
Library without any encumbrances, including copyright or
ownership issues. It spells out any terms or conditions of the gift
and provides a clear title to the material. If a gift is potentially
valued at $5,000 or more, a Deed of Gift is required. The Library
Development can prepare these Deeds of Gift. For more
information, check the Office of Collections Gifts web site.
The unit accepting a gift that requires a Deed must notify the
Library Development Office of the gift at the time the gift is
accepted. In addition, the receiving library can work with the donor
to identify an appropriate appraiser (contact the AUL for
Collections, the Rare Book and Special Collections Librarian, or the
University Archivist, as appropriate, for help in identifying
appraisers.) The Library Development Office is responsible for
issuing the Deed of Gift, in consultation with the University
Librarian, the AUL for Collections and the Library faculty member
in charge of the unit where the collection be will located. The
Library Development Office keeps the master files on these gifts.
Significant collections are identified as ones that have at least one
of the following physical characteristics:
are physically voluminous (over 100 items)
have potentially significant financial value (over $1,000 for a
single item or over $5,000 for the collection as a whole)
are rare items
are in need of individualized physical processing or
specialized conservation work.
The Library has the obligation to our donors and to our collections
to house, process, and conserve these materials in an appropriate
manner. The Library also has the obligation to ensure that the
collection fits the intellectual, curricular and scholarly foci of the
Whenever a significant collection is being considered for
acquisition by the Library, it must be reviewed by the Significant
Gifts Review Committee. This ad hoc group reports to the
University Librarian and includes representatives of the following
units: Preservation, Library Development, University Archives,
Rare Book &Special Collections, Office of Collections, and subject
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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