56 · SPEC Kit 297
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Libraries are equal to other campus units that do not have alumni, but not the same as colleges with
“Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Development priorities are university-wide priorities identified by the
“Technically yes, actually no.”
“The university library is equal with the colleges of the university.”
“With qualification: university is about to embark on capital campaign. The priorities for fundraising are
weighted in favour of raising money for ‘human capital,’ i.e., scholarships, fellowships, and named chairs.”
“Yes and no. We are the only unit who has to ask permission from other development officers to approach
alumni who graduated from their colleges because no one graduates from the library. Therefore, our
fundraising opportunities are somewhat limited.”
“All divisions develop their respective funding initiatives which are approved by the Provost. Every division has
access to the same resources. However, the library’s access is somewhat limited due to lack of constituency
base. A clearance process is in place for this purpose.”
“Although library has no alumni, university allows student library employees to be considered alumni.”
“Alumni belong to the schools and colleges.”
“Budget for library fundraising is $7,000 much lower than schools fundraising programs limited access to
“Colleges have first access to alumni.”
“Each college ‘owns’ its graduates and no other unit is allowed to solicit them. Hence, the library has little
access to most of our 250,000 alums. We have to find people who like libraries, who may not have any
relationship to the institution, who will give to the libraries.”
“Historically, the library has been one of the lowest fundraising units at the institution. There is a general
institutional view that libraries are a service unit and are not appealing or exciting enough to really engage
donor interest, especially over time. Libraries aren’t doing what engineering, biosciences, or business are
doing, and donors are more interested in giving to the visible and ‘cutting edge’ areas of the university.”
“In some areas the library is considered at the same level as the faculties/schools (i.e., joint asks to centrally
held accounts—corporations, etc.). However, the faculties/schools still want to be the lead in alumni
participation and involvement. We are currently working to revise this approach.”
“Library director is happy with part-time development director.”
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