92 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
26. Has your library assessed or evaluated its ability to support digital scholarship activities, for
example by collecting project data, interviewing individuals, conducting focus groups, surveying
users, etc.? N=70
Yes 34 49%
Not yet, but we plan to 26 37%
We are not yet at the assessment stage 10 14%
No, and we have no plan to do so 0 0%
Comments N=20
Yes N=12
A team formed to investigate potential models for offering more robust digital scholarship services.
But not a comprehensive assessment
Every year since its inception the ADHC has produced an annual report documenting both project
activities and also outreach initiatives. We document the number of projects conducted in a year the
number of faculty members and graduate students engaged the number of departments engaged the
number of classes engaged in digital scholarship with the Center the number of class sessions taught.
In terms of outreach, we measure how many and what types of event we have held in a year number of
attendees and for our digital humanities conference, the range of places and institutions from which
people come to participate (in 2014, this included 80 participants from more than 12 different states and
provinces in the USA and Canada). These measures help us to gauge our ability to support and engage
scholars in digital work in a quantitative way. We also conduct surveys following our workshop sessions
to understand their utility, and to establish what future offerings might be useful to our community.
Going forward, we plan to extend these efforts to include larger-scale surveys of faculty members and
students with whom we are working to understand how we are meeting their needs, and where we
could helpfully expand our offerings. We did a survey of participants in the community in Spring 2012.
Results have driven our focus in events, content, and scheduling.
Faculty surveys include questions about support for digital scholarship.
The university conducted extensive user research prior to establishing the DSC in 2012.
We are currently collecting survey data from all workshops that are offered.
We are currently engaged in an informal needs assessment, as well as ongoing formal interviews
conducted by liaison librarians with the faculty in the departments that they support. More formal
assessments will be forthcoming.
We are just now starting a full-scale assessment project, but there was a smaller, humanities-oriented
assessment project in the past year or so.
We collect data on user interactions and held a focus group at the Graduate College a few years ago. We
have user satisfaction surveys live now. We also rely on bigger data such as LibQUAL+.
We have done some preliminary assessment and plan to do more rigorous studies in the future.
We held two focus group sessions this semester. We are just getting started, but are developing policies
for how long we will support faculty and class digital sites. We are looking into reclaim hosting.
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