85 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
22. Please indicate where the most significant digital scholarship skill gaps are in your library. Check
all that apply. Then select up to three skill areas that you think are most critical to improve at this
time. N=70
Activities Skill Gap Most critical to improve
Visualization 46 24
Computational text analysis/support 45 19
Statistical analysis/support 42 12
Developing digital scholarship software 38 11
Project management 33 18
Data curation and management 31 24
Interface design and/or usability 29 10
Digital publishing 29 12
3-D modeling and printing 28 3
Encoding content (e.g., TEI markup) 28 3
Database development 26 3
Digital preservation 25 13
Project planning 24 9
GIS and digital mapping 22 9
Technical upkeep 19 3
Digital exhibits 10 1
Metadata creation 9 3
Making digital collections 8 2
Digitization/imaging of analog material 5 0
Other DS-related skill 7 4
Total Responses 70 67
If you selected “Other DS-related skill” above, please briefly describe the skill. N=7
Most Critical N=4
Advisement on legal and ethical issues related to digital scholarship, not just related to publishing.
Collaborative building, marketing, outreach, promotion
We really need to better address scholarly communications at an institutional level. Several staff
members have strong personal interests in this increasingly important area, however there is no
position or charge at this time.
Skill Gap N=3
Examining impact of digital scholarship work. This is a big area of interest on campus that the library
could step into and contribute, but it’s not an area that is being developed in the library (or on campus)
at this time. This would involve looking at creation and impact and promotion of materials created
on campus.
Multimedia content creation
We are working towards a reorganization to better leverage support for digital scholarship.
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