184 Representative Documents: Job Descriptions
Digital Humanities Strategist
An affirmative action/equal opportunity institution
University of Cincinnati Libraries
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210033
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033
640 Langsam Library
Phone: (513) 556-1599
Fax: (513) 556-0325
POSITION: Digital Humanities Strategist
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Digital Humanities Strategist plays a lead role in UCL digital
humanities initiatives, and support for UC faculty and students in the area of digital humanities
research and scholarship. Develops connections and collaborations with digital humanists,
department and program chairs across UC. Works in a highly collegial and inter-disciplinary
way to establish and strengthen partnerships with appropriate colleges, but especially with the
McMicken College of Arts &Sciences and other units like the Taft Center. Plays a leading role
in coordinating digital humanities related taskforces, committees and advisory groups.
Coordinates, develops and leads a team of staff, students and research fellows to work on
digital humanities projects. Plays a leading role in identifying and writing digital humanities
grant funding proposals for UCL or in collaboration with UC faculty and staff. Acts as resource
for UCL and UC faculty, staff and students in the area of copyright/fair use, digital scholarship
in general and digital humanities specifically. Serves as the liaison and selector for the
Romance Languages and Literatures (RLL) Department.
RELATIONSHIP AND AUTHORITY: Reports to the Associate Dean of Library Services.
Receives guidance from and consults with the Associate Dean of Digital Initiatives and Special
Collections, and the Associate Dean for Collections on collection matters.
Provides support and leadership for digital humanities scholarship at UC, building
alliances and collaborations to advance UCL and UC digital humanities initiatives.
Develops connections with digital humanities efforts at the university. Through outreach
and relationship building, and employing a deep knowledge of research in the
humanities, finds research collaborators, with appropriate colleges, but especially in the
McMicken College of Arts &Sciences and the Taft Center.
Looks beyond UCL to engage faculty and students about digital scholarship in the
humanities, reaching out to understand research and teaching needs. Forges new
collaborations that extend UCL’s capacity to support the university’s humanities
scholarship and research, collaborating with campus stakeholders to integrate digital
resources, methodologies, technologies and analytical tools into humanities research.
Works with the Associate Dean of Library Services and the Associate Dean for Digital
Initiatives and Special Collections to develop digital humanities initiatives. Assists with
the assessment for and development of potential UCL space for digital scholarship.
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