46 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
2006 Scholarly Publishing was originally created in 2006 as “Digital Library Services,” to support
library and faculty digital projects/scholarship, and reorganized as “Scholarly Publishing”
in 2013 (to reflect a broader role for the institutional repository and original publishing.
The GIS unit was created at the university in 2006. In 2013, it was brought under library
management and reorganized as the GIS &Data Services unit.
2007 Center for Digital Research &Scholarship
2008 Digital Initiatives unit was created within Preservation Department from one existing
support staff position and one support staff position from another department in 2008.
In 2016, a full-time Digital Archivist was moved from SPCL to DI as the Digital Initiatives
Archivist to oversee and manage DI, create collections, and perform digital preservation
2009 Digital Curation 2009. Makerspace 2015 incorporating Copy Center and Espresso
Book Machine
2010 Digital Humanities Center
2010 Digital Scholarship
2010 Digital Strategies Unit was reorganized in 2014 but was created prior to 2010.
2010 Scholarly Commons
2010 The Alabama Digital Humanities Center was created in 2010.
2010 The legacy “Library Technology Services” became “Digital Initiatives” around 2011 (I think)
and grew to include digital scholarship services. Since 2013, these have been more of a
2011 The library has a cross-departmental team called Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS)
including members from Digital Technology, Research and Outreach Services, and Access
Services. While none are 100% dedicated to digital scholarship, they function as a virtual
department supporting digital scholarship in all areas (Humanities, SS, and STEM).
2012 Digital Learning &Scholarship
2012 Digital Production &Scholarship Services
2012 I believe that the department itself was created around 2012, although its core group and
functions date back to the early 2000s. Digital Scholarship Services includes the team
responsible for DSpace (our IR), scholarly communications and digital curation, as well
as the Digital Media Commons, the government information/data/geospatial services
department, and the GIS/Data Center (which is part of the government information
2012 The Digital Scholarship Center was established in 2012.
2012 The library’s digital collections and institutional repository departments were merged in
2012 to create the Digital Programs &Initiatives unit.
2012 The scholarly communications team was developed in 2012 to advance digital scholarship.
The members of the team are also members of the Library Digital Services unit, which
includes Search and Core Services, too.
2013 Conservation &Digital Production 2013. Digital Scholarship and Data Curation 2013
2013 Digital Collections and Repositories 2013. Digital Humanities Department and DH
Strategist Position 2014. Informationist Team 2013. Scholarly Communications
Coming 2016/2017
2013 Digital Scholarship Services
2013 Scholarly Communication created in 2006. Digital Media Lab created in 2013.
2014 Digital Scholarship
2014 Digital Scholarship Services was created in 2014.
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