148 Representative Documents: Project Planning
Library Questionnaire to help Researcher with DH Project
October 15, 2014
Prepared by Nancy Lemay
Library Questionnaire to help Researcher with DH Project
1. What is the name of the project?
2. Does someone working on the project have technical skills?
3. Any other collaborators involved in the project (institutions or individuals)?
4. Is this a grant-funded project? If so, for how long is the project currently
5. What type of assistance are they seeking for this project?
6. Ask them to describe conceptually the project's final product:
7. What will it include?
a. A database
b. A website
c. An online exhibit
d. An application to be used by external users
e. Online data visualizations
f. Maps
g. Online timeline displays
h. Audio/visual storytelling
i. Collection -types of objects?
j. Community space for users (including discussion space)
k. Other
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