185 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Digital Humanities Strategist
Leads a matrix team library liaisons, Digital Content Strategist, archivists, records
managers, technical librarians, curators, repository developers, informationists and
other specialists (e.g., metadata, scholarly communication) in the planning, budgeting,
strategy formation, and creation of digital content for digital humanities and/or digital
scholarship initiatives. The team may also include students (library or shared with
academic department), fellows, new staff and current library staff members with new
job responsibilities which may be shared with other UCL departments/units. The team
would function as a model of cooperation, agility, effective communication and
Works collaboratively and collegially with UCL staff and faculty to identify and shepherd
digital projects from inception to completion. Acts as a “broker” to support RLL and other
department digital humanities projects as needed, bringing the right people to the table
to see projects from inception to completion.
Keep abreast of new models of research within the humanities and emergent best
practices in digital humanities, including programs, tools, and technology.
Plays a leading role in identifying and writing digital humanities grant funding proposals
for UCL or in collaboration with UC faculty and staff.
Goes beyond the UC community to build national and international connections for
global outreach in digital humanities, seeking out innovative approaches and potential
intra-university /intra-library collaborations. Explore opportunities for reaching out to the
community for collaborative digital humanities projects.
Through outreach programs (such as the Philosophers’ Café model), explore innovative
ways to engage humanities scholars at UC with the UC community and the public to
enhance the vital connection between scholarly work and the issues of the day.
Acts as a resource on copyright and fair use, digital scholarship in general and digital
humanities specifically for UCL staff and faculty and members of the UC community
involved in these issues.
Serves as the liaison for the Romance Languages &Literatures (RLL) Department.
Selects materials engages with faculty and students to a deep understanding and of
research and instruction needs. Continues to assist with bringing RLL early adopter
projects into the IR. Identifies unique materials and niche collections for potential digital
curation, such as the Panama Collection, the Ruben Dario Collection, and Nicaraguan
poetry and prose.
Actively participates in Management Council, library committees, meetings and
workshops as appropriate.
Master’s degree or doctorate in a humanities discipline or an equivalent field or an
information science/management degree or a comparable combination of experience.
Knowledge of research methods, tools and challenges of humanities scholarship
generally as well as digital humanities.
Proven successful experience in collaboration both within library organizational
structures, and also with faculty and staff in the university community.
Demonstrated ability for strategic thinking, embracing change and a new organizational
structure, risk-taking, collaborative working, embracing ambiguity, and thinking beyond
the internal library organizational structure to identify and support what is important to
students and faculty.
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