146 Representative Documents: Project Planning
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship |Project Process
Our services for journals, monographs, and conferences can involve complex
technical development and design support. For these projects, the CDRS
team undertakes careful research and planning. Our process commonly
involves seven steps:
Step 1: Researching Your Needs
This is your opportunity to describe everything you need and what you are
looking to accomplish by working with us. We will likely respond with a lot of
questions about your requirements—you might not even know the answers
to some of them. This isn't a bad thing!
Step 2: Proposing Solutions
Based on the ideas and answers you give us during Step 1, we will come up
with solutions. We’ll craft a document that describes the overall plan we’ve
devised, and submit it to you. You’re encouraged to give us feedback.
Proposal, Letter of Intent, or Master Service Agreement
Step 3: Planning Next Steps
This is the time we spend to work out details. We’ll work with you to
determine the full scope of the project and identify “soft spots” that could
cause issues.
Technical foundation
Editorial needs
Usability review
Licensing/rights/permissions definition
Project plan
Step 4: Defining Elements
Now, we turn details into definitions. We work to complete visual layouts,
wireframes, and other representations of the end result of the project. We
spec out the functionality and work with you on what content is needed and
the rights management of that content.
Application definition/Information Architecture (IA)/User Experience (UX)
Graphical prototyping
Content gathering/creation
Project Process
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
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