84 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
This position was created to help move our institutional repository forward into the realms of faculty
scholarship, open access publishing, and, one day, data management.
This position was one of the first digital scholarship positions in the Libraries. Initially created to
oversee the digital library and digitization efforts, it has changed according to Libraries’ needs and the
person’s interest and specialties.
This position was originally created as “Digital Projects Library Manager” as part of the Libraries
Technologies division. The major responsibilities were to oversee and facilitate digitization efforts and
online access to digital primary source resources. Two years ago the Libraries Technologies division
was split and merged with other existing divisions, so the DPLM and related staff (including three
imaging technicians and three programmers) were moved to the Special Collections Research Center.
At this time the DPLM changed her title to Digital Archivist and began working more closely with
digital preservation efforts and management of born-digital primary resources.
This position’s consultations with researchers and requests for instruction has grown significantly in a
very short amount of time. The individual collaborates closely with the geography department and was
requested to teach a semester course already but declined (not enough time). The Scholarly Commons
supports this position with the assignments of a .25 FTE graduate student assistant and expects to
increase this support over time, however finding graduate assistants from the library and information
science program (from which the library usually hires) with GIS experience has not been an easy task.
This individual has been working the past year to build community on the campus related to GIS.
This role involves a high degree of engagement with faculty and grants administration staff at the
university in support of digital scholarship activities, including foundations.
While I provide direct DS support for faculty, staff, and students in the sciences and engineering, I am
working with a team in the library and with external constituents to determine how the Libraries can
better support digital scholarship on campus.
While initially she focused on production work, recently the scope has changed to include more public-
facing services, as well as education of other librarians about the publishing process and its implications
on the scholarly research lifecycle.
While the position does not supervise staff, it is considered the coordinator for certain digital
scholarship services and so collaborates and coordinates support being provided by subject librarians.
Will soon be hiring a Data Visualization Librarian.
With hire of new Head for Scholarly Communication and Publishing, established a new relationship in
the library structure to provide increasing support for undergraduate publishing. Also experimenting
with alternate forms of publishing (e.g., GitHub, WordPress, Omeka).
Works with faculty who want to create digital exhibits using Omeka. Sets up shell, trains students, and
provides additional graphic design as needed. Also developed an interactive mapping tool that supports
digital field assignments.
Library support for digital scholarship activities is a relatively new and still evolving enterprise. To
provide the desired level of support, libraries need to identify which skills staff need, which are weak or
missing, and where additional training and practice are needed.
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