50 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
within the library, though predominantly in Research Services and in the Scholarly Communications
portion of Technical Services. There has been discussion on sharing knowledge across work areas
with a listserv or regular meetings for those in the libraries consistently offering services that support
digital scholarship.
Support is virtualized between the Libraries, campus Academic Technology, and departmental/college
staff working in the DS space.
The area originally handled instruction as well this was decoupled within the year.
The Digital Initiatives Librarian is a new position, starting February 1, 2016. This position will
collaborate with faculty, provide additional project management and planning, and coordinate
scholarly communication initiatives.
The Libraries are part of the larger Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) organization.
Many activities noted are jointly supported by areas within LITS.
The Libraries takes a distributed approach to supporting digital scholarship with various departments
engaging faculty in the course of their work. Hubs of activity are centered in our Copyright &
Digital Scholarship Center and Digital Library Initiatives Department, but staff from throughout
the organization collaborate with faculty and graduate students in support of digital scholarship.
Examples include GIS librarians in public services areas User Experience librarians working on 3-D
modeling, scanning, printing and liaisons from multiple departments supporting foundational needs
in visualization, text mining, data curation, and use of our multiple high-technology, large-scale
visualization environments.
The library is currently investigating organizational models for DS. This effort may lead to a unified
team/unit/department, but this is unclear at this point.
This was an interesting exercise since much of how we staff cannot easily be confined to the categories
as outlined. For example, many of our activities work together through the hub of the Scholarly
Commons but are defined as separate units within the library organizational chart (e.g., Research Data
Service and Scholarly Communication and Publishing).
We are pursuing the creation of a digital scholarship center and planning to hire a full-time faculty
librarian to support this activity. Other positions within the library would also spend some time in
support of DS activity.
We draw expertise as needed from a wide range of departments and units in the University Libraries
and routinely partner with other units on campus.
We have a shared faculty appointment with the English department and three grant-funded librarians
and curators.
We have been working to develop models to spread responsibility and expertise around digital
scholarship across the organization, including liaison librarians, other librarian roles, and professional
and paraprofessional staff.
We previously had a Center for Digital Scholarship. Those activities have since been distributed among
other units as part of a staff reorganization.
While there is a department focused on digital scholarship, support for digital scholarship cuts across
the library multi-departmental collaboration is important.
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