45 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Text encoding in the Center for Humanities and Information Statistical support in Data Learning
Center Metadata in Cataloging and Metadata Services Database development in Libraries Technology
Digital preservation in Special Collections Data curation in Publishing and Curation Services Digital
publishing in Publishing and Curation Services
The Digital Resources and Discovery Services Department houses the metadata unit, the scholarly
publishing, and digitization units however, those activities also take place in other library departments.
The library does not have a DS team per se. There are two service points that provide the bulk of the
services in this survey: The Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI), and the Digital
Humanities Lab. The latter could be considered a DS team, however for the purpose of this survey they
are both considered single library units.
There are two specific departments that support DS activities. Computing Operations &Research
Services (CORS) provides data management, programming, and technical IT support. Digital
Initiatives and Special Collections (DISC) encompasses archives, special collections, and Digital
Commons. Liaison librarians work their departments on data management plans.
There is a central Digital Production Services unit, and then many core players throughout
the libraries.
University Libraries is rather large and complex. Most digital scholarship work is done by a subset of
staff within Information Technology Services at the central library, or by the Digital Scholarship Unit.
That said, people from several departments are often engaged in DS work, particularly the Map and
Data Library.
Visualization, computational text analysis/support, GIS and digital mapping: Liaison Services
Digitization/imaging of analog material, metadata creation: Metadata and Digitization Services
Visualization, GIS &digital mapping: Research &Learning Services Database development: Repository
&Digital Curation Technical upkeep: IT Infrastructure
Visualization, 3-D modeling and printing: Student Digital Life Digitization/imaging of analog material,
digital preservation: Digitization Metadata Creation, Database development: Content Data curation &
management: Scholarly Communications
We have interpreted the “Library DS Team” as the Center for Digital Scholarship.
8. Has any department/unit been created or reorganized specifically to support digital scholarship
activities? N=70
Yes 41 59%
No 21 30%
Not yet, but we plan to 8 11%
If yes, please identify the department(s)/unit(s) and the year it was created/reorganized. N=40
Unspecified Scholarly Communications and Digital Programs
1990s ITS in the Central Library is a long-standing department that has supported digital
scholarship in many ways since the early 90s.
2005 The university formed Electronic Text Center in 1997, which became the Center for Digital
Research in the Humanities in 2005.
2006 Digital Initiatives
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