149 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Library Questionnaire to help Researcher with DH Project
8. Who is the audience of the final product? Describe the users of the final
9. If applicable, how do they foresee the site being used?
10. What type(s) of data/content does the project have? (Describe and list any
file formats).
11. Is the content/dataset complete or in progress?
12. Is the content copyrighted? If yes, do they have copyright clearance or
permission to reproduce the content?
13. Does the content have descriptions? What types of fields do the object
descriptions include? What type of metadata will the content have -if any?
14. Will the site be open to the public or restricted to a certain user group? If
restricted, who will the site be restricted to?
15. How large is the data/content (i.e. GB or TB)? (You may need to calculate
this for them)
16. What type of tools/applications have they investigated so far (if any)?
17. Is there a particular tool or application that will be essential to this project?
18. How would they define the "completion" of the project completion (consider
this project in phases and describe the "completion" of the current project
19. What is the expected date for the project to be in a completed state (i.e. in
production as a website)?
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