83 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
This is an administrative role, focused on management of personnel, acquisition of funding, and
creation of programming to support digital scholarship services.
This is another new strategic initiative position created specifically to support research data
management and visualization in March 2015. The position provides functional support to liaison
librarians to introduce research data management concepts and manages research data management
services, in addition to supporting scholars with visualization of their research.
This job is about learning new technologies (digital and physical) that revolve around the “maker
movement” and to teach these findings to the university community.
This person also develops and teaches a range of workshops on digital methods/tools and
scholarly communication.
This person has been one of the primary library faculty members that is interacting with campus
faculty who are trying to include digital scholarship in their pedagogical practice. She has provided
important support to two faculty members who were just venturing into digital scholarship and helped
them design their digital scholarship-specific courses.
This person is sometimes called up to scan materials for use in digital scholarship projects, and/or to
consult on scanning.
This position has represented a shift from previous “data librarian” positions that were more focused
on statistical analysis support and developing secondary data collections. The new position is focused
primarily on working with data producers on campus. The change in emphasis has at times been
difficult to convey internally within in the libraries.
This position in part is to provide support for members of the university community to effectively
engage with digital scholarship technologies, but in part is also to promote broader change in the
scholarly communication ecosystem by advocating for and implementing policies and processes that
effect changes that are in the interest of scholars, universities, and the general public. Thinking globally,
acting locally.
This position is centered around the production of knowledge/research, and primarily supports
undergraduate student projects.
This position is still primarily internally focused on services and needs of existing library collections
but with a digital focus. Increasingly, we are working with donors and units on campuses on
digitization projects/electronic records issues prior to donation or as part of the access platform
for collections.
This position plays a key role in bringing IT innovation to collaborative digital scholarship projects,
coming up with ways of using existing software to achieve research and teaching goals, blending
multiple existing softwares to achieve those goals, and introducing cutting-edge techniques to address
digital scholarship questions in the humanities and farther afield.
This position provides stand-alone and in-class workshops on software used in social science and
GIS research.
This position supports visualization for a variety of purposes, including public display of research and
scholarship on the library’s large display walls.
This position was a repurposed reference librarian position to support DS. The primary responsibility
of this staff member is to liaise with faculty, graduate students, and staff interested in DH and
DS projects.
This position was created specifically to support digital media and work with scholars to implement
digital media into research.
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