65 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Develops and implements new DH/DS learning opportunities on campus. Provides leadership for the
DH/DS strategic initiative, building a new interdisciplinary community.
Digital Arts, Sciences, and Humanities (DASH) program development
Education: Instruction and workshops on digital literacy, data lifecycle management, preservation,
planning and analysis
Education: Instruction and workshops on digital scholarship methodology and tools
Event planning, community building
Information architect and grants for own projects
Intellectual property/copyright
Manage digital scholarship center.
Manages all educational initiatives that come out of the digital scholarship center, including workshops,
brown bags, seminars, day conferences, national speakers, etc.
Needs assessment
Outreach and instruction for DI to promote collections, support curricular needs of faculty and
students, develop partnerships and collaborative programs/projects, grants and fundraising.
Planning for DS support, administration, communication &outreach to university community
Primarily responsible for managing our tribal stewardship cohort program, developing the curriculum,
and supporting Mukurtu.
Promotion of DS across the university
Research Data Management instruction
Referral to other expertise inside and outside the library. Showcasing research output is a primary
focus for this position so providing venues, coordinating speakers, and highlighting research output.
Research management, DS consulting, grant writing, supervision of DS faculty and staff, liaison with
administration at college level, and long range planning.
Running all outreach events for the ADHC including the annual DS conference and THATCamp,
and presenting the ADHC’s research at external venues including DS conferences and as a visiting
speaker at other institutions. Additionally, collaborating with faculty members to design curriculum-
appropriate digital projects for their courses and providing instruction for these classes including
whole-class sessions and small group mini consultations also teaching introductory Digital
Humanities sessions to undergraduate and graduate classes not necessarily for a specific project, but to
introduce students to these approaches at different junctures in their careers and campus experiences.
Supervision and training of DS students teaches metadata in academic classes as needed.
Supervision of technologists, works with Digital Initiatives Librarian and tech team to investigate new
technologies and to determine frameworks and open source solutions.
Support for the creation of educational materials.
Web-based database instruction
Supports N=30
Author rights, Open Access advocacy &outreach, support scholarly reputation services &management
Consultations with faculty, staff, and students
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