73 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
access policies. He also manages the institutional repository, creates and maintains online profiles
for faculty members, oversees the Department of Digital Scholarship, and supervises a senior library
technician and a student assistant.
This position also oversees electronic resources, cataloging print and electronic materials, and
management of print serials.
This position leads a software development team that supports the self-deposit IR, a platform for
faculty &researchers to store their digital output of all forms. The position also supports the matrix
approach to digital collection building, which focuses on library holdings, but increasingly also
supports faculty &researchers own digital scholarship.
This position runs the University Archives.
Visualization space support
Wider copyright consultations, particularly as they relate to course reserves, digitized content, and
creation of online objects.
Working with born-digital archives from donors and university offices, record retention scheduling,
educating university on public records matters.
19. Please enter the title of the position this person reports to. N=224 positions
Head/director/manager, department/unit 95 42%
Assistant/associate dean/director/university librarian 74 33%
Dean/director/university librarian 21 9%
Librarian 11 5%
Head, branch library 10 5%
Coordinator 7 3%
Team leader 4 2%
Deputy university librarian 2 1%
20. If this person supervises other staff who support digital scholarship activities, please enter the
number of individuals supervised and their staff category. If they do not supervise other staff,
please enter NA. N=162 positions
Of the 162 positions reported, 67 do not supervise other staff and 95 do supervise staff. Respondents
specified the staff category for 253 individuals supervised by 71 of those 95 supervisors.
Students 67 27%
Support staff 65 26%
Other professional 53 21%
Librarian 43 17%
Graduate assistant 19 7%
Post doc 6 2%
Number of Staff Supervised
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N
1 25 4.11 3.00 4.21 95
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