62 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Administration (1 position)
Alabama Digital Humanities Center (1 position)
Metadata and Digital Services (2 positions)
Archives (1 position)
Bibliographic Services (1 position)
Map Library (2 positions)
Archives and Rare Books Library (1 position)
Health Sciences Library (2 positions)
Main Library (1 position)
Archives &Special Collections (3 positions)
Library Administration (1 position)
Arts and Sciences Library (2 positions)
Geographic, Statistical and Government Information Centre (GSG) (1 position)
Media Library (1 position)
Bibliographic and Information Technology Services (2 positions)
Digital Initiatives (2 positions)
Business, Humanities, Social Sciences (BHSD) (2 positions)
Desktop Network Services (2 positions)
Center for Digital Research &Scholarship (1 position)
Digital Humanities Center, Humanities &History Division (1 position)
Science &Engineering Library (2 positions)
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities and Department of Digital Initiatives and Special
Collections (CDRH/DISC) (4 positions)
Center for Digital Scholarship (3 positions)
Digital Initiatives &Scholarship (1 position)
Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI) (3 positions)
Digital Humanities Lab (1 position)
Copyright Resources Center (2 positions)
Research Services (1 position)
Research Services- Research Commons (1 position)
Curation and Preservation Services (1 position)
Data and Specialized Services (2 positions)
Data and Specialized Services -Data Management Services (1 position)
Data and Visualization Services (2 positions)
Digital Scholarship Services department (2 positions)
Department of Digital Scholarship (2 positions)
Special Collections Research Center (2 positions)
Digital Humanities Center (3 positions)
Library Administration (1 position)
Digital Initiatives (4 positions)
Digital Initiatives &Services (4 positions)
Digital Learning &Scholarship (3 positions)
Digital Learning &Scholarship Research Services (1 position)
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