19 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages
Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
High performance computing centre Professional societies
Hire outside programmers
Humanities Digital Workshop
Information Technology Services, Research Services
ITS Research Services
LATIS, Statistical Consulting Center
Linguistics department
Office of Digital Humanities (College of Humanities)
Office of Information Technology, Research Support
The Research Computing Center The Knowledge Lab run by the Computation Institute
Within specific departments
Encoding content (e.g., TEI markup) N=16
Bentley Historical Archives
Boston Digital Humanities Consortium
Center for Digital Humanities
Center for Second Language Studies
Central IT (2 responses)
Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
English department
Graduate School for Library and Information Science (GSLIS)
Humanities Digital Workshop
Not sure, but am pretty sure there isn’t support for it on campus!
Professional societies
Via our TAPAS membership, we may also send our researchers to Northeastern University for
TEI support.
Within specific centers on campus
Workshops, etc. held by text encoding community
Statistical analysis/support N=43
Academic support units
Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts &Sciences (ATLAS) Survey Research Lab
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