28 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
2. Please indicate whether digital scholarship support is available to all researchers affiliated with
your institution, to researchers external to your institution, to the general public, or only to
selected categories of researchers. Check all that apply. N=73
All affiliated researchers 72 99%
External researchers 17 23%
General public 11 15%
Selected categories 10 14%
If support is available only for selected categories of researchers, please briefly describe which
categories. N=10
External researchers and the general public have access to training and other events. Project support
would require partnerships.
In the list of ‘Elsewhere Inside’ support, only the Research Computing Center and campus IT have a
mission to serve the entire university. All other services listed are focused first on supporting faculty
and grad students inside that unit’s academic division, and provide services to researchers from other
divisions only as capacity permits.
Some departmental resources are not available to general undergraduate population.
Some researchers are graduate students our faculty work with researchers outside of our institutions
collaborations across institutions.
State agencies and cultural heritage institutions (including archives, libraries, and museums, and
historical societies)
Support and services provided by the Libraries are available to all affiliated researchers and students.
Some schools and departments provide support only for researchers within their schools/departments.
Geography provides support for geography students and faculty and limited support for others. The
School of Public Health provides support for health-related research. The Statistics department
provides support for statistics students only. Some departments have 3-D printers limited only to their
research groups. Our School of Media and Public Affairs provides equipment and support to their
students/researchers only.
We collaborate widely with folks at the university and in collaborative networks, so support is also
available to/through/and with the collaborative communities of practice, as with the Digital Library of
the Caribbean.
We do not have much experience yet serving the general public.
We don’t have a formal DS support mechanism, so the few projects that have come through have each
been examined individually. There is no policy of which I am aware including or excluding particular
categories of researchers.
We provide direct support to affiliated researchers. However, our digital scholarship workshops are
open to the general public.
Additional Comments N=11
At this point we extend these services within the library to affiliated researchers, including students,
staff, and faculty.
Digital scholarship-related workshops are open to other researchers and in some cases the public.
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