156 Representative Documents: Project Planning
Digital Collection/Project Request Form
Access to collection /project
19. Will the site be open to the public or
restricted to a certain user group?
19a. If restricted, who will the site be
restricted to?
20. Are there copyright or privacy concerns
associated with access to the collection /
21. Do you have copyright clearance or
permission to reproduce the collection /
project online? If yes, please explain.
If you have permission from an institution
external to UTL to reproduce the collection,
please include a contact.
22. Who do you see as the main audiences
for this project?
Check all that apply:
Researchers or other scholars
Post­secondary instructors
Primary or secondary instructors
Students Specialist
Amateurs or subject enthusiasts
General public
Other (please describe)
23. Do you want the collection /project to be
indexed by Google?
24. Do you want the collection /project to be
discoverable through other repositories?
Please list (i.e. WorldCat, Archives Canada,
Funding and maintenance for collection /project
25. What were the sources of funding for the
creation of this project?
Check all that apply.
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