72 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Subject liaison responsibilities for Media Arts, Journalism, and Humanities
Subject liaison to academic departments, co-chair of the e-science working group
Subject liaison for art history &art department
Subject liaison, reference
Subject librarian for Anthropology
Subject specialist for Romance Languages &Literatures
Subject specialist/library liaison
Supervise student employees.
Supervises Digital Scholarship and Data Curation Unit, which includes graduate assistants,
undergraduate interns, staff with focus on data visualization, digital scholarship, and digital services.
Supervising five full-time staff in DS department, coordinating with other library department units
Supervision and mentoring of graduate students undertaking digital scholarship activities
Supervision of software developers
Supports in-house web services development (resources/tools for library use, not necessarily for
campus use).
The Center is not a digital scholarship center and it supports fellowships and programming around the
topic of humanities and information. The associate director is involved in the general administrative
work: selecting, and liaising with, fellows managing the budget overseeing tasks associated with
lectures and other programming.
The majority of the digital content the DPM is responsible for falls within scope for digital scholarship.
DPM is responsible for ensuring that the digital collections are preserved and available as long
as needed, including strategic planning for DP, ongoing DP research and planning, collaborative
management and monitoring of the technical environment for DP, and outreach and instruction.
The metadata librarians create and maintain metadata records following the Metadata Object
Description Schema (MODS) for all formats in special collections and research materials created
by the university’s students including electronic theses and dissertations. They exercise authority
control over multiple vocabularies and establish names using the rules established by the Library of
Congress’s Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO). They ensure that these records are sharable
and reusable.
The position is .25 FTE and all of the this time is dedicated to digital scholarship.
The position is dedicated 60% to DS, and 40% to non-DS research and teaching responsibilities in
the Department of English, where this person teaches two courses per year and carries out research
in their field of specialization, writing books, articles, and presenting their work at conferences in
English literature.
This is a division-level director position reporting to the university librarian. A prior version of this
position did not explicitly include responsibility for the Digital Library Program. The position now
oversees Library Core Systems (ILS, discovery services, etc.) and the Digital Library Program.
This is an administrative position overseeing the operations of the graduate library.
This is an administrative role, focused on operations management.
This person educates the university community about author rights, fair use, open licensing, researcher
identifiers, alternative research metrics, open educational resources, and research funders’ public
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