39 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Other DS activity N=17
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N
1 12 4.65 3.00 3.72 17
Please briefly describe the other DS activity. N=7
1 Digital Scholarship Librarian (running annual digital humanities conference, Digitorium initiating
collaborative digital projects for research and pedagogy across campus, and teaching for digital
pedagogy projects)
2: 1 librarian, 1 support staff: multimedia content creation
2: programming +system administration
3: 1 associate dean, 1 archivist (Oral History), and 1 staff person from Special Collections and University
Archives recently worked closely with several courses to develop digital humanities assignments.
3: Copyright
8: Data Life Cycle, training
12: Humanities libraries doing DS reference/consultations
Additional Comments N=19
All fifteen liaison librarians support digital scholarship. In addition, eight librarians and five
technologists are directly involved in our DC center. IT professionals in the libraries provide support
for data management, programming, 3-D printing, etc. Interns and graduate and undergraduate
students work within the libraries in the Center, Archives and Special Collections, and grants as
needed. Business Office staff provide financial support functions.
As reflected in the numbers above, the Libraries are part of the larger Library and Information
Technology Services (LITS) organization. DS activities are jointly supported by areas within LITS.
The Project Management Office works with library staff on repository development, for example, and
software developers work with librarians to build applications to support library initiatives.
Insight into how this was calculated: We identified all individuals with some responsibility in the
assigned areas and counted as a whole number. If there was graduate student assistant support, even
if this is spread out across a unit with several trained GAs in a specific area, they were only counted as
“1”. Since the University Library heavily relies on the talent and skills of graduate students from the
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, we are able to provide a wider scope of digital
scholarship services and support than we might otherwise be able to do.
Most of the staff listed above only provide a small amount of their time on services for researchers.
No direct responsibility Digital Humanities Library Group and Data Management/Curation Task
Force all assist.
Numerous people perform this work (no one specifically dedicated), including liaison librarians, Digital
Library Services, Publishing Services, etc.
Other DS activity and Data curation and management are served by the Digital Initiatives
Advisory Group.
Projects and user needs vary greatly and may involve individual librarians or technical staff members,
or teams that include disciplinary specialists librarians, IT or digital library staff, special collections/
archives staff, GIS or copyright specialists, or student assistants.
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