47 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
2014 Digital Scholarship Services 2014. Data Services 2008. Digital Studio 2000. Digital
Library Technology Services 1997.
2014 In 2014, we created the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation in partnership with the
college of Arts and Sciences.
2014 The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship was created in 2014. It is a unit in the larger
Library and Information Technology Services umbrella, which includes the Libraries.
2015 Digital Research Services created in 2015. Digital imaging and Preservation Services
created in 2015.
2015 Digital Scholarship
2015 Digital Scholarship Lab (started August 2015), part of Technology Initiatives unit of the
2015 In the last year a Digital Humanities Lab was opened, headed by a librarian who began
this position in January 2016. A Geographic Information Systems Librarian position was
added to the Map and Government Information Library in the summer of 2015.
2015 On June 1, 2015, the Libraries with the support of the provost, launched the Digital
Scholarship &Publishing Studio. The Studio maintains a physical presence in the Main
Library and was created by merging the Libraries-operated Digital Research and
Publishing department with the campus-operated center called the Digital Studio for
Public Arts and Humanities.
2015 Open Scholarship and Publishing Services
2015 Scholars’ Collaborative
2015 The Digital Scholarship Center was created in 2015.
2015 The Technology, Discovery, and Digital Services unit was created in 2015 and includes
the following departments, Digital Media, Digitization and Repository Services, Discovery
(which includes the Library Services Platform), Statistical and Numeric Data (which includes
GIS and mapping), Data Management and Visualization, and Digital Initiatives.
2016 Digital Scholarship group formed from Digital Humanities &Digital Publishing &Data
Not yet, but we plan to N=1
The Digital Humanities Lab was created in 2014 specifically to address a gap in support for digital
scholarship by humanists. The University Library is currently investigating the creation of a Digital
Scholarship hub that would coordinate digital scholarship efforts across disciplines and build project
management, digitization, and metadata services into more outward-facing services. Currently, these
services have tended to be for library staff working on behalf of a project.
9. If you indicated above that library staff are centralized in a library digital scholarship center/hub/
lab, please identify the center/hub/lab and the year it began operations. N=17
2005 Centre GéoStat (for Statistical analysis/support and GIS and digital mapping)
2005 Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship
2005 The university formed the Electronic Text Center in 1997, which became the Center for Digital
Research in the Humanities in 2005.
2008 Scholars’ Lab was created around 2008.
2010 Digital Humanities Center
2010 Research Commons
2010 The Alabama Digital Humanities Center was created in 2010.
2010 The Digital Scholarship Unit emerged in 2010–2011 and a director was hired in 2013.
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