191 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Digital Scholarship Specialist
Digital Scholarship Specialist
Position Summary:
The Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University seeks a creative, technologically-
savvy, and visionary person to establish and grow a dynamic, multifaceted program to
address the increasing demand for digital scholarship support. S/he must have an
interest in the artifacts of scholarship, such as books, manuscripts, or maps, and an
understanding of how the traditional research methods applied to these artifacts can
benefit from the application of digital tools, particularly in the areas of linguistic, spatial
and visual research.
S/he will look holistically across the university to identify faculty and programs that would
benefit from the application of digital tools to advance scholarly investigation.
The Specialist will work collaboratively with liaison librarians, curators, and GIS and data
specialists involved in facilitating faculty and student digital projects, and will conduct
regular environmental scans of the campus environment to identify emerging areas of
The Specialist will also be an active scholar and teacher in his/her area with good
publication and teaching records. S/he will thus lead by example in creating innovative
teaching methods and carrying out original scholarship in a digital environment.
This is an evolving specialization that requires a combination of strong academic
background in the humanities with technical knowledge and curiosity about how
technology affects research, to build a vibrant future for the humanities.
Advocate for the application of digital scholarship approaches to research
Coordinate information about digital scholarship across the university to connect
scholars and facilitate interdisciplinary research.
Coordinate events and meetings to connect scholars and technologists and create
meaningful dialog to foster projects in the digital humanities.
Attend conferences in her/his field, digital humanities, and library technology, and
present regularly at these conferences advocating for the research being carried out
here at Hopkins.
Liaise with academics and librarians at other institutions to create cross-institutional
collaborations, helping to de-silo repositories and enable robust infrastructure to be built
and maintained.
Working closely with the information fluency librarian, develop workshops to help
students acquire skills and understanding of basic tools for, and approaches, to digital
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