42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
suitable for the scope of the course, and the ADHC’s IT specialist to identify and implement the
appropriate technological approaches in each case. For some pedagogy projects the ADHC has also
drawn on expertise elsewhere in the Libraries, from our Metadata Librarians in text encoding projects
and historical network mapping data schemas, to our Science and Engineering Librarian for 3-D
printing projects.
Multimedia content creation: Shared between Emerging Technologies Librarian, Center for Digital
Scholarship, and support staff.
Outreach librarians and Digital Humanities Center staff provide support for rights management, both
digital and analog, including providing information about open access and open licenses for content
(creative commons, MIT, Gnu, etc.)
Outreach, promotion, integration: Done in alignment with other activities.
Systems department: Application development and enhancement effort
The Digital Scholarship Services department develops and maintains our institutional repository,
which hosts most of our digital collections.
We have informationists, a digital humanities strategist, librarians, and a digital collections team who
all provide consulting and advice as needed.
7. If you indicated above that library staff who support DS activities are part of a single department/
unit, please specify which activities and identify the department(s)/unit(s). N=52
3-D modeling: Health Sciences library Statistical analysis and support: Geographic, Statistical and
Government Information Centre Digital publishing: Access
3-D modeling and printing: GIS &Data Services Encoding content (e.g., TEI markup): Scholarly
Publishing GIS and digital mapping: GIS &Data Services Digitization/imaging of analog
material: Scholarly Publishing Technical upkeep: Library Technology Services Digital publishing:
Scholarly Publishing
3-D modeling and printing: Digital Media Lab (part of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning
Services) Digital publishing: Scholarly Communication
3-D modeling and printing: User Experience/Makerspace
3-D printing/modeling: Multimedia Lab Developing digital scholarship software: Scholarly
Communication Center Technical upkeep: Integrated Information Systems (library IT unit)
3-D Scanning and printing in branch library. Text encoding and digitization in Digital Production &
Publishing. Digital Initiatives develops databases and is responsible for technical upkeep.
All selected except digital publishing is in Special Collections Research Center.
BHSD librarians recruited for digital humanities expertise, although DS expertise exists in other
departments as well. GIS: government documents and maps department.
Computational support and encoding: Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities GIS:
Center for Graduate Initiatives and Engagement Digitization and data curation: Metadata, Data,
Discovery Services
Computational text analysis/support, statistical analysis/support, and GIS: StatLab Metadata creation:
Metadata Analysis and Design Digital preservation: Content Stewardship and Collections Access &
Discovery Data curation: Content Stewardship and Research Data Services Digital publishing: Content
Stewardship and Academic Engagement
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