97 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
considerable staff resources within the Libraries and allows digital scholarly projects to be entered into
Libraries workflows from inception to archive.
Interest in data visualization has spurred the formation of both an exploratory group and a service
experiment. A similar experiment in supporting media creation activities is also being planned. Digital
scholarship responsibilities are being incorporated into open positions.
Library reorganization included developing digital learning &scholarship team.
New and reorganized positions have been created.
New hiring for a Digital Scholarship Coordinator, position re-titled from Agriculture Librarian to
Agriculture &Digital Initiatives Librarian, updates to positions to specifically include mention of
digital scholarship and data activities, changes to master training calendar for trainings within the
libraries, creation of the new Committee on Strategic Digital Directions, and more.
Our strategic planning discussions have led us to begin developing a new faculty position for digital
scholarship support.
Plan to form a unit to support digital scholarship services, as well as physical space for support
and collaboration.
Really in very preliminary stages but offering data management workshops and support, trying to
identify more people to have a hand in these activities. Still investigating what other activities we want
to offer.
Services realignment, new software support, research storage infrastructure.
Some positions redescribed.
Staff were re-positioned via re-organization.
Strategy for promotion/outreach
This data will be used as part of our strategic planning process, with some of the recommendations in
the strategic plan focused on expanding digital scholarship services.
We are developing more capacity for digital preservation.
We are embarking on a reorganization that is anticipated to result in organizational changes.
We are shifting more efforts toward digital scholarship support in connection with our strategic plan,
which calls for more activities related to educational technologies.
We did do some hiring and some staff reallocations to support this work based on early efforts to
support digital scholarship.
What we initially planned to offer in the physical space has changed some as we’ve been slower to
ramp up services. We have also toyed with offering digital storytelling in the space, which would be a
new service.
Yes. Support for digital scholarship is provided by many entities across the Libraries and Information
Technology Services (LITS) enterprise. New partnership pathways are being defined and refined to
better accommodate this blended support model.
30. What do you expect research libraries’ role in supporting digital scholarship activities will be in
the future? N=64
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