202 Selected Resources: Articles, Blogs, Reports, etc.
Articles, Blogs, Reports, etc.
Ayers, Edward L. “Does Digital Scholarship Have a Future?” EDUCAUSE Review 48 no. 4 (July/August
2013) http://er.educause.edu/articles/2013/8/does-digital-scholarship-have-a-future
Brenner, Aaron L. “Audit of ULS Support for Digital Scholarship: Report of Findings and
Recommendations.” University Library System, University of Pittsburgh, September 2014. http://d-
Case Western Reserve University. “A Call for Participation and Action. Digital Scholarship at Case
Western Reserve University: Advancing Innovation and Collaboration through Community-building
Conversations.” 11 February 2014. http://library.case.edu/media/kelvinsmithlibrary/services/
——— “White Paper: Envisioning Freedman Center 2.0: Campus Partnerships to Advance Faculty
and Student E-Research Through the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship Center at Case
Western Reserve University.” 13 May 2013. http://library.case.edu/media/kelvinsmithlibrary/
CIC Digital Humanities Committee. “CIC Digital Humanities Summit Report, September 2012.” https://u.
Fraistat, Neil. “The Function of Digital Humanities Centers at the Present Time.” in M.K. Gold (ed.),
Debates in the Digital Humanities. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2012. http://
Jaggars, Damon E. and Robert Arnold Wolven. “Trading Places: Adapting Research Library Space to
Evolving Scholarly Practices at Columbia University.” Columbia University Academic Commons,
2014. http://dx.doi.org/10.7916/D8C24TJR
Keegan, Tom, John Culshaw, and Paul A. Soderdahl. “The Iowa Studio: Reconceptualizing Support for
Digital Scholarship.” University of Iowa Libraries Staff Publications, December 14, 2015. http://
Koh, Adeline. “The Challenges of Digital Scholarship: A Report on the MLA Preconference on Evaluating
Digital Work for Promotion and Tenure.” The Chronicle of Higher Education January 25, 2012. http://
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