67 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
This position supports the technical implementation of digital pedagogy projects, including working
closely with the Digital Scholarship Librarian and faculty members and graduate students leading
classes to identify appropriate technological approaches and platforms to achieve teaching goals. This
position involves significant innovation in identifying and adapting digital approaches and platforms to
fit with innovative digital scholarship research projects.
User needs analysis, service design and rollout, multimedia creation and production
18. Please briefly describe the significant non-DS job responsibilities this person also has. N=154
Administration and supervision of staff, leading the IT portfolio
Administration, budgeting, IT oversight, copyright
Administration, accessibility service, collection development
All of the work is related to digital scholarship but is not included in the list above: Develops
partnerships with faculty, research groups, and units around courses or research methods, integrating
Scholarly Commons resources and services into research and/or teaching. Assesses Scholarly
Commons partnership programs, working collaboratively with the head of the Scholarly Commons
and with partners. Engages technologies emerging as critical to research and teaching to meet the
evolving needs of faculty, students, and staff. Leads Scholarly Commons and Office of Research
educational initiatives and instructional programs that focus on digital scholarship resources, methods,
and services.
All work touches on digital scholarship in some capacity.
Also supports use of educational technology in the classroom and provides graphic design support.
Archival processing, including born-digital content supervision of staff and students performing
a variety of duties across special collections, systems maintenance and management,
collection management.
As coordinator they also work with the DH steering committee to define strategic goals of the
center and DH on campus and serve as the liaison between faculty, students, and researchers on
digital projects.
As the department head for the library’s oral history research program, this person has the attendant
administrative responsibilities for faculty, staff, and project development, as well as advocating for
the program and providing outreach. All of the resources developed through the oral history research
program are born digital, so there is some overlap with digital scholarship in many areas.
Center administration, managing libraries’ web presence (temporary)
Chair of the Scholarly Communication Committee—currently heads the outreach and marketing
efforts for the Open Access initiative, promotes ScholarSpace, and collaborates with faculty and staff to
deposit materials in our institutional repository. Heavily involved in meeting with faculty departments
to provide presentations on open access and its importance to faculty. Also involved in the Workshop
Toolkit Team at the Libraries, which provides workshops on data, GIS, data management, as well as
WordPress and developing engaging presentations.
Chairperson in Libraries responsible for Archives &Special Collections, collection development,
publications permissions, copyrights, long range planning, donor relations, mentoring of faculty
through reappointment, promotion and tenure.
Collection development, training
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