71 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Project planning and project management.
Promotes MakerSpace and teaches students how to use all equipment in the lab (3-D printers, laser
cutter, vinyl cutter, Arduino.) Writes grants to expand the lab and get more equipment. Schedules a
group of four student workers.
Provides research support for faculty and students in the Humanities Center and German and
Romance Languages and Literature. Teaches a semester long class once a year that incorporates DS.
Also does collection development for the Humanities Center.
Provides support for teaching and research programming in the Faculty Center.
Public services
Reference support, subject liaison
Reference, departmental liaison responsibilities
Reference, student supervision
Repository ingest
Research consultation, library instruction, collection development
Research poster consultation &printing, reference, student supervision
Responsible for the development and application of descriptive metadata standards and best practices
for library’s print and digital resources.
Room management for the Digital Scholarship Lab and the Hecker Center (library teaching space).
Running server infrastructure, supporting software licensing, hardware/software support
Running the institutional repository, developing partnerships with key constituents and editor groups,
soliciting content for publishing and the institutional repository.
Scholarly communication
Selector &liaison to the Romance Languages and Literatures Department. Responsible for reference
services, collection development/budget.
Serves as American History subject specialist.
Serves as co-director of Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities. Provides support for teaching
and research programming in the Faculty Center.
Significant non-DS responsibilities include management of the Science Library, including
approximately three librarians, 10 staff, 15 students, one GA. Also the subject liaison for Earth &
Environmental Sciences.
Social Sciences data collection development, collection development for Urban Studies and
Environmental Studies, map collection responsibilities, Population Studies and Training Center liaison,
ICPSR rep for university
Some staff management, grant reporting, and library committee work unrelated to digital
scholarship. Otherwise, the job responsibilities for this position do not include significant non-DS
job responsibilities.
Subject liaison for Economics, academic services and collection development
Subject liaison for geography, cartography, and GIS supervises three full-time staff acquisitions
related to geography, maps, cartography, and geospatial data campus and community engagement and
partnerships research services
Subject liaison for Information Studies Program, academic services and collection development
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