158 Representative Documents: Project Planning
Digital Collection/Project Request Form
Other (please describe)
Not applicable
28. Is there an annual budget dedicated
specifically to the ongoing maintenance or
development of this project?
28a. If yes, please indicate the approximate
29. How many total staff, in full­time
equivalents, will be involved with the ongoing
maintenance or development of this project?
30. Which of the following statements best
describes the goal for the ongoing work
associated with this project?
This project will reach a completion
point; all ongoing activities after that
point will be dedicated to preserving
the resource and providing basic
access to it.
This project will continue to grow;
ongoing activities will expand its
content, tools, functionality, and user
base, etc in addition to preserving the
Other (please describe)
31. How would you define the "completion" of
the project?
Consider this project in phases and describe
the "completion" of the current project phase.
32. What is the expected date for the project
to be in a completed state (i.e. in production
for people to access)?
33. Is this collection /project intended for
long term preservation?
34. Does the collection /project have a long
term preservation plan?
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