187 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Digital Humanities Coordinator
RANK: Academic Professional Associate
POSITION: Digital Humanities Coordinator
DEPARTMENT: University Libraries --Willson Center Digital Humanities Lab
The Digital Humanities Coordinator is responsible to the Deputy University Librarian for
helping to administer and coordinate the diverse activities and programs of the Willson Center
Digital Humanities Lab (DigiLab) of the University of Georgia in support of faculty and student
projects and the undergraduate digital humanities certificate program (DIGI). Duties include
collaborating with the other departments within the University Libraries, UGA Press, Willson
Center For Humanities and Arts, New Georgia Encyclopedia and other project partners, as well
as working closely with the DigiLab Steering Committee Chair. Duties associated with
coordination of the DIGI program include establishing a relationship with academic departments
and support units in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and other colleges and units
supporting the work of the DigiLab Steering Committee Chair, and maintaining the DigiLab
website and social media presence.
The position will also participate in and coordinate training activities in digital humanities for
faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students, as well as plan campus activities and events
designed to increase interest and involvement in digital humanities across the campus in
cooperation with other university units.
Provides coordination, advising, and instruction as needed for the DIGI undergraduate certificate
Facilitates operation of the DigiLab Advisory Committee and local DigiLab Steering Committee.
Solicits guidance/feedback from DigiLab Advisory Committee members, external advisors, and
other authorities identified via site visits and other means for the purposes of assessment and
strategic planning.
Organizes interdisciplinary dialog among UGA and other faculty to establish the DigiLab as
focal point/common ground for the digital humanities activity of UGA.
Coordinates with the University Libraries, UGA Press, Willson Center For Humanities and Arts,
New Georgia Encyclopedia and other project partners on operation of the DigiLab at the Main
Consults with humanities faculty and students on digital tools and methodologies to support their
research projects and coursework.
Plans digital humanities activities and events across campus.
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