151 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Digital Projects for Fondren Library |Documentation
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Extract filenames and file sizes
Steps to batch rename files
Steps to batch move files
Terminal commands (MAC)
Robocopy (Robust File Copy)
Calculate directory size
Exiftool commands and tips for extracting technical metadata
Command line resources
FITS (command line tool)
BagIt (command line tool)
Intellectual property management
Digital copyright workflow
IR Deposit License
Fondren Library Consent to Publish in the IR form (typically used for archival materials)
Repository Metadata
Guidelines for Embedded Image Metadata (including tools for batch importing metadata
to image files)
Transition to FAST subjects (new project)
Type Guidelines
Ingest guidelines
Overview: IR content input methods
Deposit Checklist
Batch ingest steps
IR Withdrawal Policy
Tips and tools
how to harvest metadata from repository using OAI-PMH
transferring large files (eg tiff images to TEI Vendor) --FTP |Rice DropBox Service
page: Visual resources and tools
Steps for annotating images
Cross over services
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