43 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Data and Visualization Services department: visualization, statistical analysis &support, GIS &digital
mapping Digital Scholarship Services: developing digital scholarship software, database development
Library Information Technology Services: 3-D modeling and printing (CLIR postdoctoral fellow)
Data Services: data curation/management Scholarly Communication: publishing Special Collections:
digital exhibits
Data Services: visualization, quantitative, GIS, computational text analysis/support Digital
Scholarship Services: exhibits Digital Library Technology Services: publishing, preservation, interface
design, digitization.
Digital and Multimedia Center: computational text, metadata, software Map Library and GIS: GIS
Makerspace: digital publishing, 3-D modeling/printing
Digital Collections and Repositories: Digital preservation
Digital Collections does all digitizing of analog content. Institutional repository staff do
digital publishing.
Digital Initiatives unit in Preservation Department creates and manages digital collections, creates
basic metadata, interface design, digital preservation, stats analysis. Preservation Department performs
all digitization, including out-sourcing of analog materials. Metadata &cataloging department provides
higher-level metadata for digital objects.
Digital Scholarship Services is responsible for supporting digital scholarship projects, but it works in
collaboration with the library’s archives/special collections department and Technical Services.
Digital Strategies Unit
DS activities at the university are focused *primarily* in the Digital Scholarship Center, which
functions as both a department and a hub/lab. Other departments with extensive participation and
roles in the DS activities listed include Special Collections and University Archives, Science Library,
Architecture and Allied Arts Library, Portland Library and Learning Commons, and Collection
Services (cataloging/metadata).
Encoding content: Kislak Center for Special Collections Digitization/imaging: Schoenberg Center for
Electronic Text &Image Technical upkeep: Library Technology Services Digital preservation: Kislak
Center for Special Collections
Encoding content: Academic liaison Statistical analysis and support: GIS and Data Unit Digitizing:
digitization unit (part of Special Collections) Developing digital scholarship software, technical
upkeep, and digital preservation: Digital Research and Curation Center Data curation and
management: Data Management Services Digital publishing: Applications Support
GIS: Maps and data services Technical upkeep: library systems
GIS and digital mapping: the Map Library Digitization/imaging: Preservation Interface Design and
Database development: Digital Services
GIS and digital mapping takes place in the Map and Government Information Library, which is
recognized in the overall Libraries organizational structure as a department.
GIS and digital mapping: Map Library Digital preservation: Digital Preservation and Repository
Technologies Digital publishing: Open Scholarship and Publishing Services Technical upkeep:
Computer Support and Networking All remaining: Digital Library Services
GIS services: through Research Services as part of the Research Commons (our digital scholarship
center) Interface design: Teaching and learning Data curation and management: Research Services
and offering consultations through the research commons Digital Publishing: Digital content services
and offering consultations through the research commons
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