90 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We have partnered with other academic support units, such as the Office of Undergraduate Research,
Computing Services and System Development, the Clinical &Translational Science Institute, the
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, the University Center for Social and Urban Research, and others.
The relationships and level of support among these partners varies but continues to develop.
Sometimes N=8
Center for Creative Computing, Center for Research Computing, Center for Social Research, Center for
Study of Languages and Cultures, Design department, Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, Office
of Digital Learning, Office of Information Technologies, School of Architecture
Center for Teaching and Learning
Digital Scholarship Centers at other institutions.
Granting agencies (e.g., Mellon)
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH), Shanti, Department of
Computer Science
Libraries partner with Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science for delivery of
expertise with statistical software and analysis.
Other institutions/individuals
Philly, DH, PACL
Additional comments N=19
Archives and Institutional Repository fall within the Libraries organization
Archives and MIT Institutional Repository (DSpace@MIT) are part of the Libraries organizational
structure. MIT Press and Libraries have joint leadership.
Archives, and the university press are part of our library. The Institutional Repository is part of the
Technology, Discovery, and Digital Services Unit.
In addition to public-facing project support for researchers, the DSC serves as the Libraries digital
library development and support department.
It’s unclear to me how often the libraries end up partnering with other entities that support digital
scholarship. We work with HathiTrust and DPLA, but I don’t know with what amount of frequency or
whether it supports specific projects.
Our institution currently does not have any digital scholarship centers or a university press.
Our institutional repository is being implemented, this is why no selection is made for this line. A pilot
project will start this winter as mentioned in an earlier comment.
Our library and archives is one and the same.
Partnerships with other entities and units are primarily around training, programming (events and
other public activities), and occasional consulting.
The archives is part of the library. We have no other digital scholarship centers at the university.
The institutional repository is a part of the library and actively involved with digital scholarship
through our Center for Digital Scholarship.
The library has its own IT department, which includes the IR.
This is not a statistic we track, but we do partner with others.
University press and the IR are part of the library.
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