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Policies and guidelines
Do you have questions about Rice University's Digital Scholarship Archive? Read our Rice Digital
Scholarship Archive FAQ home
Project Development
Rice Digital Scholarship Archive Deposit Guidelines
Key factors to consider when digitizing materials (Collection Guidelines)
Nominate a digital collection idea (Project Proposal Form)
Project management (Digitization planning checklist)
Digital Curation Profile Template
Resource: UCLA Library Special Collections Digital Project Toolkit (contains templates and
examples for various stages of digital project planning and key tasks )
Guidelines for Digital Projects
Care and handling of archival materials
Indus Scanner Guides
Large format scanning specs
Creating JPEG2000 derivatives and JPEG2000 Profile
Standard jpeg and gif (thumbnails) derivatives
FlatBed scanner guidelines
Digitizing for IR deposit (PDF access file)
PDF-A file guidelines
see also How to Remove PDF/A Information from a file
Batch merge PDF files
Batch extract pages from pdfs
Image editing tips
Merge images methods
see also How to stitch photos together in Photoshop
Tips for handling Special Cases in digitization
Video and Audio content for IR Deposit (Guidelines for single item video/audio deposits
to the IR)
Audio-Video processing workflow (Collection level, archival materials)
How to open txt files using UTF-8
Quality Control
QC Overview policy
Quality control checks for images
How to use Adobe Bridge to proof images
File management
File naming conventions
Project Server Guidelines
Format Support
Recommended file formats
Preserving Master Files in the IR
Isilon storage system
Command line tool
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Digital Preservation
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Formats -Video
Documentation and other guidelines
Repository Metadata
Digital Projects
Staff Research and Internal Reports
About the Institutional Repository
Digital Preservation Support
Registries and data provider
Conference highlights
Wiki help page
Recent Activity
Faculty Publications Metadata Guidelines
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Funder Public Access Policies: Publicatio…
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Funder Public Access Policies: Publicatio…
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Historical Images Workflow -Schedule
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Large format scanning specs
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