34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Providing assistance to campus faculty who are teaching courses using digital scholarship techniques.
Our involvement includes presenting to classes, helping develop syllabi, and assisting with assignment
creation and research: archivist, other profession, support staff.
Research support services are provided in the Digital Humanities Center by humanities librarians.
Support staff (largely from technical services) may work only on selected projects, i.e., they are not
dedicated to this work.
Teaching students, faculty, and staff broad knowledge about the different areas of digital scholarship,
as well as developing skills for assessing, critiquing, and adapting existing projects for new
purposes: librarian.
The Libraries and ECDS partner to create Open Educational Resources for higher education and K-12
learners. Specifically, three librarians and one educational technologist provide program management
and other support.
If you selected “Other staff category” above, please identify the category and briefly describe the
activities they support. N=9
3-D modeling: academic hourly support
Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellows
Faculty: text analysis, statistics support, 3-D modeling and printing. Office of the Vice Provost for
Research: research funding, project planning, project management
Faculty in academic departments are involved in research grants.
Library Science field experience students: data curation &management digital publishing. Other
DS activity: assessment of digital scholarship programs and projects promoting digital scholarship
activities providing training in digital tools or skills creating training documents setting up hosting
environments. CLIR Post-Doctoral Fellow: 3-D modeling &printing.
Post docs have been involved in some digital scholarship projects.
University press, parts of ITS and Communications
We have Fellows who help contribute to our digital collections research projects.
Additional comments N=4
IT professional\curator
Our developers in Systems are also librarians, and have thus been represented in that category.
Post doc, IT and R&D support
There is a range of technologists in our organization that go beyond the IT classification. We have
media consultants, visualization specialists, programmer, instructional designers....
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