56 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Digital Learning &Scholarship Librarian
Digital Research Services Librarian for the Humanities
Digital Research Services Librarian for the Sciences
Geographic Information Services Librarian
Digital Scholarship Coordinator
Digital Science Librarian
Production Manager
Research/Scholarship Initiatives Manager
Digital Scholarship Librarian
Director for Creative Applications
Learning Design Specialists
Visualization Librarian
Digital Scholarship Librarian/Bibliographer, English
Digital Scholarship Librarian/Bibliographer, History
Head of Digital Scholarship
Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian
Digitization Services Coordinator
Metadata Coordinator
Research Support Coordinator
Social Science Data Librarian
Director, Scholarly Communications
Institutional Repository Coordinator
Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Curation
Senior Consultant for Educational and Interpretative Programs
GIS Specialist
Manager, Digital Production Group
Manager, Research &Development
Software Engineer for Scholarly Works
Humanities Librarian (Librarian II)
Specialized staff -Administrative, Professional, Technical (APT)
Specialized staff -APT
12. Please indicate whether this is an existing position that already had the right skills to support DS
activities, an existing position that was redefined by adding DS support responsibility, or a new
position created specifically to support DS activities.
New position 106 46%
Existing with right skills 87 38%
Redefined by adding DS support 38 16%
If the position was redefined, please briefly describe how the job responsibilities, skills,
expectations, etc. changed from the previous to the current position. N=42
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