59 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
collaboratively with the Head of the Scholarly Commons and with partners. Engages technologies
emerging as critical to research and teaching to meet the evolving needs of faculty, students, and staff.
Leads Scholarly Commons and Office of Research educational initiatives and instructional programs
that focus on digital scholarship resources, methods, and services.
The position originally managed the institutional repository and duties were expanded in 2012 to
include publishing.
The position was redefined to include management of the institutional repository as well as outreach
to faculty.
The repository manager position was made out of a reassigned staff member. After a couple years
managing the repository, the position title changed to Digital Scholarship Librarian. The digital
scholarship focus has been increasing through time.
This person is a computer programmer. Additional responsibilities have included teaching and
supporting Omeka, participating on a DS Advisory committee.
This position evolved from a library assistant position with primary duties to support multimedia
course reserves to a full-time professional digitization specialist to support the creation of digital assets
and surrogates for online exhibits, publications, and projects. This position also assists faculty members
with the production of images for traditional publications.
We added a software development team—first with 2 FTE developers and now with 3 FTE developers—
deciding to do in-house, agile open-source software development for our repository. We added a
Digital Content Specialist to coordinate a matrix approach (archivists, metadata librarians, etc.) to
digital projects.
We created this position by redesigning a traditional academic liaison position. We kept some liaison
duties, but shifted the focus to be 80% digital scholarship support. We had a CLIR post-doctoral fellow
who had honed her skills during her post-doc with the DRCC we were fortunate to be able to move her
into this position.
13. How long has this person worked in this library?
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N
1 month 36 years 6.51 4.00 6.74 227
14. How long has this person been supporting digital scholarship activities in this library?
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev N
1 month 21 years 4.60 3.00 4.37 227
Years In Library Supporting DS
1 25 25
1+ 25 35
2+ 35 42
3+ 22 27
4+ 18 19
5+ 15 18
6–9 31 25
10–15 32 28
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