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DH@NU |A Guide to Digital Humanities
DH@NU |A Guide to Digital Humanities
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Along with scholars and students, many groups on campus are working in
the digital humanities. The following lists provides links to and brief
information about these organizations and the kinds of collaborative projects
they work on.
Academic &Research Technologies
Academic &Research Technologies (A&RT), a department of
Northwestern University Information Technology, supports faculty in
their primary roles as instructors and researchers. A&RT also provides
access to educational technologies and various multimedia resources
for the larger Northwestern community.
Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities
The Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities was established to
organize and promote the kind of expansive, interdisciplinary
discussion and debate that characterizes leading-edge humanities
scholarship today. The Institute cultivates this work through an annual
fellowship program for NU faculty, humanities courses for
undergraduates, invited lectures, Institute-sponsored research
workshops, and a quarterly Artist-in-Residence program.
Center for Scholarly Communication &Digital Curation
The Center supports Northwestern faculty and graduate students
through active exploration of new models for disseminating research
results, and by developing programs to support long-term retention
and reuse of the scholarly output of the University. The Center is also
active in digital humanities projects such as research technology
training, manuscript transcription, text analysis, web archiving, digital
pedagogy, and others.
Multimedia Learning Center
The mission of the MMLC is to support and facilitate the teaching by
WCAS faculty in all academic areas by raising awareness of and
assisting in the effective implementation of emerging technologies and
innovative pedagogical methods. Beyond its role within WCAS and
Northwestern, the MMLC maintains a leadership role among
humanities computing and language teaching centers nationwide.
Northwestern University Library
Northwestern University Library supports the teaching, learning and
research of NU’s faculty and students, which includes an active role in
digital humanities projects, often in direct collaboration with scholars,
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