18 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Engineering School, Architecture School, Darden
Faculty of Science
HackArts Lab run jointly by the Computation Institute and Logan Art Center
Illinois MakerLab
In colleges
MadLab makerlabs/spaces
Maker space
Makers Space (School of Engineering)
Many at other schools and colleges also at Science and Engineering Library
Natural Sciences &Mathematics, IT
Office of Distance Education and e-Learning, specific departments provide access to their constituents
or more widely to campus (mechanical engineering has available for a charge).
Office of Information Technology, Research Support
Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
School of Architecture
Some academic departments maintain equipment, e.g., physics
Specialized college and departmental labs on campus
The university’s Digital Media Center, which is part of Student Affairs, provides this for
undergraduates. Various engineering departments have labs that include 3-D printing and modeling to
support the work of their design teams.
Various academic departments
We do not yet have 3-D printers available in the library mostly because the campus copy center
maintains the printers in our library and does not have a method yet for billing for 3-D printing. 3-D
printing is available for faculty and students elsewhere on campus.
Computational text analysis/support N=28
Academic support units and academic departments
Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts &Sciences (ATLAS) Institute for Computing in
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (ICHASS) National Canter for Supercomputing Applications
(NSCA), Graduate School for Library and Information Science (GSLIS)
Calcul Québec (Université Laval has a supercomputer that is managed by Calcul Québec, a consortium
of universities in Québec for high performance computing.)
Center for Computational Science
Center for Digital Humanities
Center for Second Language Studies
Central IT (4 responses)
College of Business, Computer Science department
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