44 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Library Information Technology Services: 3-D modeling and printing, interface design and/or usability,
database development Conservation: Digitization/imaging of analog material Archives &Special
Collections: Digital exhibits, digital publishing
Many activities are most directly supported by a Digital Scholarship Services Unit. Publishing activities
are most directly supported by an Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing. However,
both of these units are supported by a service “track” that includes librarians and staff from across
the organization.
Maps/GIS: Cataloging, Libraries’ ITS, Department of Research and Scholarship (DRS), university press
Metadata Librarians in the Digital Services and Metadata Department
Metadata templates are created in the Collections unit. Archivists creating digital exhibits are in the
Archives and Special Collections unit. All other activities are in the Technology, Discovery, and Digital
Services unit.
Most occur within Digital Initiatives, except: Statistical analysis/support (Reference and Instruction),
Interface design and/or usability (Web Services).
Most of the digital scholarship services are located within the Digital Programs &Initiatives (DPI)
unit within the Digital Services &Stewardship division in the Libraries. Included in DPI are the
institutional repository, research data services, and the library’s publishing program. Depending on the
project, subject librarians, special collections/archives, reference services, and/or metadata services
might be involved.
Our DS activity has been led by our Digital Initiatives unit, in collaboration with Library IT and
Bibliographic Services. Our new 3-D printing service has been a partnership with the Faculty of
Science, and is provided within our Science &Technology library, and supported by our Library IT
group. Our liaison librarians work closely with DS functional experts to provide DS education/outreach
re: data curation, digital publishing, and to support digitization projects.
Preservation/Conservation department: digitization/imaging of analog materials, digital preservation,
data curation/management. Cataloging/Metadata department: metadata creation. Library
Information Technology department: developing digital software, interface design and/or usability,
technical upkeep.
Project management: Research Data Services 3-D modeling and printing: Grainger Engineering
Library Informatics, Design, and Data Visualization Center GIS and digital mapping: Scholarly
Commons Database development: A single subject liaison librarian Data curation and management:
Research Data Services
Project management is supported by many across library and within Center, but also supported by
internal Library Project Management Office. Developing digital scholarship software is supported by
software developers from the Digital Library Technology unit, as well as Center for Digital Scholarship.
Database development is supported by library E-Research &Digital Initiatives unit. Technical upkeep
is supported by Information Technology unit, as well as Center for Digital Scholarship.
Project management and training, making digital collections, digitization, digital preservation: Digital
Initiatives &Services
Research Enterprise and Scholarly Communication
Statistical analysis and support and GIS and digital mapping are provided primarily by the Humanities
and Social Sciences branch. Digital publishing and digital preservation are supported by the Digital
Initiatives unit.
Systems Special Collections &Archives
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