66 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Coordinating events and training to develop skills in and awareness of digital scholarship, for faculty,
students, and staff, including libraries personnel. Supervision and mentorship of students working on
digital scholarship projects.
Daily operation and programming for the Center.
Data consultations
Developing training and programs to increase researcher skills in digital scholarship
Develops and hosts Wikipedia edit-a-thons with campus faculty, the scholarly communications team,
community partners from Wikipedia, and other area cultural organizations. Develops and presents
digital scholarship workshops.
Digital media design and production
Expert Finder
Exploration of potential new services such as data visualization support
Foster digital humanities across campus. Create opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to gain
skills and start projects. Create a digital humanities community.
Grant writing
Instructional support for teaching with digital methods and tools
Instructional support for teaching with digital methods and tools network analysis and visualization
Metadata Librarians have partnered with the Digital Scholarship Librarian and faculty members on
campus to provide instruction in metadata creation and encoding content using TEI for the School of
Library and Information Studies, and also to teach a graduate class in Modern Languages and Classics
how to markup encoded text for a digital edition of an eighteenth-century spiritual autobiography
using TEI.
Multimedia content creation
Organizes DH events and workshops
Outreach: community/network building
Outreach to departments, library-wide instruction planning, collections development and purchasing
data sets.
Outreach, promotion, collaboration support (for all activities listed above), and integration support
Participates in instruction activities related to Digital Humanities projects and labs, including
developing and teaching several modules for introductory courses in Digital Media Studies. This
position also does a lot of faculty consultation on digital methods and tools.
Research Data Management planning
Research on data curation and preservation and broader digital scholarship issues. Monitoring
developments in digital scholarship that impact curation and preservation.
Supporting teaching and learning using digital tools (i.e., editing Wikipedia or creating digital games as
classroom assignments)
Supports authors’ rights on campus, including open access support. Develops and presents digital
scholarship workshops.
Teaching workshops, delivering presentations
This person has worked closely with several campus faculty members to help develop course syllabi and
assignments, and has also provided course lectures.
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