155 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Digital Collection/Project Request Form
13. Describe the functionality that you want to
achieve in your final project. Consider what
users will with the collection /project.
14. Who will be the legacy contact person for
the project once the project is completed?
About the collection /project data
15. What type(s) of data does the project
have? For example:
.tif files
.jpeg files
.xml files
Please list all file formats. If possible,
please submit a sample of your data.
16. Is the content /dataset complete or in
16a. If the content /data is in progress,
please provide a date of when it is expected
to be complete and who will be completing
the data compilation?
17. Does the content have metadata /
17a. If yes, what metadata standard is in use
(i.e. MARC, MODS, Dublin Core)
17b. List the fields being used for metadata /
description (i.e. Title, Date, etc.).
18. How large is your content?
(i.e. calculate the expected final size of your
project's content /dataset in GB or TB).
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