80 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Film Preservation
Geography, Environmental GIS
GIS (4)
GIS Professional Certification (GISP)
GIS, Certificate in Real Estate &Economic Development
Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities
Intellectual Property Law
JD (3)
Media copywriting
Museum Studies, Science and Technology Studies
New Media and Culture
Nonprofit Management
Photographic Preservation and Collections Management
Post- Baccalaureate Classics Bepress IR Manager Course
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Museum Studies
Publishing and Communications
Spatial Analysis (GIS)
State Technology Institute, Degree in Secondary Education, Major: Art
Textual Studies Certificate
Unix administration
Web Development
Please enter any additional comments about this person’s responsibilities for supporting digital
scholarship that will help us understand how library staff roles are changing to meet these new
demands. N=60
A percentage of two metadata librarians’ time is allocated to supporting digital scholarship, and this
plays a vital role in enabling large-scale digital projects to come to fruition, as the metadata structures
underpinning these, from large databases of digitized material being made searchable to the creation
of dynamic historical network maps, and TEI-encoded digital editions of transcribed manuscripts, are
paramount in making these projects functional and usable. The metadata librarians have to bring real
innovation and creativity to their work in these projects, as frequently materials being documented are
highly idiosyncratic, or the purpose for which they are being documented introduces complications,
questions, and challenges which are best answered through expert metadata support.
About 25 percent of her job is spent educating colleagues about evolving data needs.
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