63 SPEC Kit 350: Supporting Digital Scholarship
Digital Library (1 position)
Map and Government Information Library (1 position)
Science Library MakerSpace Access Services Department (2 positions)
Digital Programs &Initiatives (2 positions)
Special Collections &University Archives (2 positions)
Digital Resources and Discovery Services (2 positions)
Oral History Research Program (2 positions)
Digital Scholarship (3 positions)
Research &Learning Services (1 position)
Digital Scholarship (1 position)
Teaching, Research &Learning (2 positions)
Teaching, Research &Learning Services, Researcher Services (1 position)
Digital Scholarship and Data Curation Unit (4 positions)
Digital Scholarship Unit, UTSC (1 position)
Map and Data Library (3 positions)
Humanities Department/Public Services Division (1 position)
Science Department Public Services Division (1 position)
Web Services Information Technology Division (2 positions)
Learning &Teaching (3 positions)
Research (1 position)
Liaison Services (1 position)
Metadata and Digitization Services (3 positions)
Library Technology and Digital Strategies (1 position)
Library, Scholarly Communications Office (2 positions)
This is a division-level director position reporting to the University Librarian (1 position)
Public Services (3 positions)
Special Collections (1 position)
Research and Outreach Services (4 positions)
Research &User Services (1 position)
Scholarly Technology Group (2 positions)
Special Collections (1 position)
Research Data Service (1 position)
Scholarly Commons (3 positions)
Scholarly Communications, Library Digital Services (3 positions)
Scholarly Communications Library Exhibitions (1 position)
Technology, Discovery and Digital Services (4 positions)
The Digital Scholarship &Publishing Studio (4 positions)
17. In the first column, please identify the DS activities this person supports. In the second column,
please identify up to three of those activities that represent the person’s primary DS support
responsibilities. Check all that apply.
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